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Food Buying Group Case Studies

How does it work in reality? We’ve asked some of our longstanding food group customers to share their stories and experiences with you.

Crumbs Feed You Family

I am not a radical person. I eat porridge. I wear slippers. They are covered in woolly polka dots. But I am a radical shopper. Or more to the point, I buy much of my food from a radical co-operative, Suma.

Thames Valley Veggies

The Thames Valley Veggies food group have been with Suma since late 2008. Alongside running their thriving food group and receiving deliveries every few weeks, they also play a part in organising local vegetarian and vegan events “Suma deliveries mean we can get more variety and save money.. Read more >>

Leven Valley Primary school

One of our members recently delivered to a new customer, Leven Valley primary school in the heart of Cumbria, and here is his story: As a veteran Suma driver of twenty years and more I didn’t think there was much to get excited about another trip around a snowbound Cumbria in sub zero temperatures. Read more >>


Ipswich Ripple

Ipswich Ripple is a large volunteer run food co-op which was established in the spring of 2007, with over 150 members. On the closure of a local wholefood shop a group of young vegans saw a food co-op as a way of accessing vegan and wholefoods at affordable prices. Read more >>

East Fellside Food Group

My first contact with a Suma Food Group was back in Leeds in 1984. I was a new mum and had joined the National Childbirth Trust post-natal group. I met an amazing woman who not only had four children and held some of the meetings in her house but who also organised a Suma Food Group. My recollection is that the catalogue was several black and white xeroxed pages, mostly sacks of bulk food, and those of us who ordered spent a busy morning jiggling babies on our hips while we weighed out oats and sultanas into bags and boxes to load underneath the buggy and wheel home. Read more >>

Semley Buying Group

This excitingly (!) named buying group started about 5 years ago when I moved to Semley. Once upon a time I’d lived in Cambridge and shopped at Daily Bread – a food co-op not unlike Suma and I then moved to Scotland where I was lucky enough to be able to join an existing buying group Read more >>

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