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Suma Re-launches Muesli Range

Suma Foods of Elland have re-launched their range of mueslis in fully recyclable packaging, as well as adding some delicious new varieties to the already large range.

Whilst Sumas muesli packaging has always been minimal, the sticky labels on the bags presented a problem, most people don’t realise that in many countries, including the UK, these labels are categorised as “special waste”, unsuitable for recycling or ordinary disposal methods. “Whilst ‘bag in box’ packaging is viewed as being less ecologically friendly than bagged and labelled produce, actually the reverse is true” said Suma’s PR manager Andrew Mackintosh “both the bag and the box are fully recyclable”.

The recipes for some of Suma’s muesli has been tried and tested and remained unchanged for over a decade like the Crunchy Apricot and Luxury Tropical varieties, but Suma has improved the blends and introduced three brand new varieties “Organic Omega Mix Muesli” containing sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds for a balanced intake of omega oils, “Super 4U Berry Mix” containing goji berries, cranberries, blueberries and cherries, and “Organic Vine Fruit Muesli” for those of you that don’t like nuts.

“All our mixes come not only in retail pack sizes, but also in 3kg and 10kg” says Mackintosh “so the catering and hospitality market can ensure their clients get a satisfying and healthy breakfast whilst keeping the margins to a maximum and the packaging to a minimum”

The launch will be supported by a national advertising campaign to both trade and consumer, for any further information please contact:

Suma Customer Support
T: 01422 313843 or E: support@suma.co.uk

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