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Suma Adds More To Its Eco Household Range

Following the fantastic reaction of the independent retail trade to the launch of an eco friendly household cleaning range produced entirely in the UK, Suma Foods of Elland are pleased to announce further additions to the range, derived from plant extracts and based on biodegradable and non-hazardous ingredients.
Our decision to enter the market was born of a couple of reasons, the performance of the pound against the euro meant a lot of retailers found steep price increases on the product ranges coming out of Europe, if you couple this with concerns we had over some of the commercial decisions being made by category leaders” says Sumas PR manager Andrew Mackintosh “the course of action was clear, we had an opportunity to bring our own range to the market and it has been very well received”.

To the already extensive range Suma are adding a concentrated washing powder, a stain remover, a concentrated washing up liquid and soon to be added are dishwasher tablets. “One thing the retailers seem to appreciate is that we supply the products like fabric conditioner and washing up liquid in both retail sizes and 20 litre drums so retailers can choose to have “filling stations” on their premises” says Mackintosh “not only does this lessen the packaging required, but with our price per litre comparisons already very favourable, the retailer margins are much improved”.
Suma also do a range of natural soap and hair care products, all derived from plant and vegetable extracts and from wholly sustainable sources, as well as 100% recycled toilet and facial tissues and kitchen roll.

The launch will be supported by a national advertising campaign to both trade and consumer, for any further information please contact:

Suma Customer Support

T: 01422 313843 or E: support@suma.co.uk

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