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We are not currently recruiting new members to join our workers’ cooperative. However we do regularly require short-term Order Pickers in our warehouse at peak sales and holiday periods.

If you believe that you have got what it takes to make a positive contribution to our co-operative you can complete a speculative application form. Please indicate on your application form whether you are applying for short-term work or if you would like to be considered for future Member recruitment.

Applications for jobs at Suma will only be considered if submitted on our Suma Job Application Form and will be kept on file for a 6-month period.

Please download our Warehouse Picker Job Description to help with your application

Click here to download Suma Job Application Form

There’s no doubt about it, Suma is a great place to work. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that it’s an easy ride or a cushy number (after all, it takes a lot of hard work to remain the UK’s largest independent ethical wholesaler and distributor), but on the whole, Suma people enjoy their jobs and tend to stick around.

So just what is it that makes Suma such a unique and rewarding place to work? Everyone knows that different things make different people tick. Cheap organic chocolate and the chance to drive a forklift are one thing, but we like to think there’s a little more to it than that. It could be the fact that Suma is an ethically-driven workers’ cooperative with a radical and progressive democratic structure, a unique equal pay policy, fantastic benefits and conditions for every member, and a culture of tolerance, support and development. Or perhaps it’s the sheer variety that appeals to our staff – variety in the range of different job roles that each member holds during their time with us, and variety in a workforce chosen from all walks of life and linked by nothing more than their commitment to ethical values and collective working. Or perhaps it’s just the sense of purpose and satisfaction that comes with ‘doing your bit’ in a business with a track record to be proud of.

These are some pretty big claims, we know. But one thing’s for sure – chat to someone who already works here and you’ll soon discover that at Suma, claims like this are more than just a load of hot air.

The Suma Experience

Andrew Reynolds, who joined the business last year, shares his experience of working at Suma.

“I originally wanted to work at Suma as I am the kind of person that wants my hard work to really show. I was keen to make a difference, and wanted my collegues and I to reap the benefits of my hard work. My previous job as a Supermarket Manager didn’t allow me to fulfill these needs; I was a very small fish in a very big pond!

I enjoyed the initial trial period as it allowed me to learn new skills, which I now enjoy using in my varied work roles. I’ve learned about different areas of Suma, how they all link together and I can really see how my work helps the business.

My perception of Suma at first was that everyone focused on one task to help get the job done. After getting to know everyone, I can see how people work in many different roles and have a flexible approach. This really shows the cooperative nature of our business and although we do have specialists in some areas, they don’t necessarily do that role five days a week.

I love working at Suma thanks to the variety of job roles that I do. I like feeling part of a team and really look forward to coming to work every day. With the possibility of working on new projects, an internal interview coming up for an interesting new role and some promising new business developments in the pipeline, I am very excited about my future here at Suma.”