Easter Eggs and chocolate gifts from Suma
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Easter is upon us and as usual, we have a fantastic offering of chocolate goodies to choose from. With a selection of Fairtrade, Organic, Vegan and Artisan Easter Chocolate, we’ve got something to suit all …

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Now’s the Time to ‘Stock Up’ on Suma’s Tasty New Bouillon!

Submitted by on November 2, 2010 – 11:30 am9 Comments

After a rigorous process of taste tests, packaging analysis and recipe tweaking, our product development team have finally landed on the perfect formula our all-new Suma Bouillon Powder! We’ve discovered just the right balance of ingredients to compliment and enhance your culinary creations, without overdoing it on the salt so you can adjust the seasoning to suit your taste.

Whether you’re creating soups, stews or gravy, our Bouillon provides a full flavour that’s loaded with just the right balance of herbs and vegetables. If you’re in the mood for a quick bowl of soup, simply sprinkle some bouillon into a mug of hot water and stir. It’s a store cupboard essential that will liven up your cooking, and to make it extra convenient we’ve included a handy scoop with the larger sizes so you can measure the right quantity in an instant.

Why we love it:

  • It’s vegetarian society approved and the low salt version is suitable for vegans
  • It’s made in the UK, just down the road from us – hooray for less food miles!
  • The tub is reusable (as a food storer, pen holder, plant pot… other suggestions welcome) and also widely recyclable
  • No added nasties like GM, artificial colours or preservatives
  • It’s cheap and tastes great!

Suma Bouillon comes in three sizes and a reduced salt version is available too. If you need any more reasons to ‘stock up’ (couldn’t resist the pun), as an introductory offer Suma Bouillon comes with 50% extra free!
Share the love – send us your recipe ideas that make the most of our bouillon- you can upload your recipe using our Submit a Story feature

Vegetable Bouillon

6 x 100g LJ160
500g LJ187
900g LJ196

Vegan & Reduced Salt Bouillon

6 x 100g LJ214
500g LJ235
900g LJ283

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  • Sally Ford says:

    Mystified as to why you felt you needed to produce separate vegetarian and vegan versions which will inevitably lead to confusion and mistakes. Please just make one product suitable for all.

  • Sym says:

    This product contains palm oil. Please can you state where you get the palm oil from, and why it’s needed at all?

    As a company who I normally trust to make ‘the right’ decisions about matters relating to the environment I’m very disappointed.

  • Jon Knight says:

    In reply to Sally:

    Hi Sally,

    Thanks for your question. We thought long and hard about precisely what versions we should develop and launch. We have a fair bit of sales history with the Marigold brand and, analysing that it was obvious that there was a definite need for 2 separate formulations, and so far our sales figures bear this out.

    We have taken care to ensure that the labelling for each type has several points of difference that will enable them to be obviously different on the shelf.

    Thanks once again for your question. Hopefully you enjoy the product!

    Best Regards

    Jon Knight (Suma Brand Development)

  • Jon Knight says:

    In reply to symroe:

    Dear symroe,

    Thanks for your question, palm oil is obviously a very hot topic and for very good reasons. The palm oil used in this product is sourced from companies that are members of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil. http://www.rspo.org/
    We recognise that there can be difficulties with organisations of this nature, but feel that this has to be the minimum standard that palm oil in our products attains.
    Another standard that some of our soaps adhere to is Greenpalm http://www.greenpalm.org/. This is a more interactive certification system, but the quantity of palm oil in this system is less than in the RSPO system.
    Our Bouillon is made in the UK from individual ingredients at a local manufacturer less than a mile from our warehouse. The palm oil is used as a processing aid and binding agent, as an alternative to hydrogenated fat.

    Thanks once again for your question, hopefully this goes some way towards an answer.

    Best Regards

    Jon Knight (Suma Brand Development)

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  • Lou says:

    Hi guys, just a bit of feedback:

    I ordered my usual Marigold veg bouillon for the cafe and you sent me some samples of your new product out with it.

    I only just realized now that it was your product and not a Marigold one! The packaging / label design is similar (and I don’t pay much attention to things), so I just assumed it was something from them and chucked it in the back of the cupboard.

    I’ll dig it out and try it now, but make of this what you will!

    Kind regards, Lou

  • Jerry Hoyte says:

    Idea for your new boullion powder:
    I know that boullion powder has long been used to make a instant broth to drink. What makes it more interesting is to cut the flavour with a dash of cider vinegar, which I find makes the broth more interesting and balanced.

  • alex stappard says:

    ! Stop Press ! Second batch now back in stock ! All sizes !

  • CJRees says:

    Regarding the palm oil content. I too was dismayed to see it listed in the ingredients as I liked the sample I had ordered and was thinking of ordering a large tub. I am relieved that the palm oil is as ethical as currently possible, however I felt I should point out that palm oil has been linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity, so it would be even better if you could find a way of removing the palm oil from the ingredients!

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